Capricode Privacy Policy

SyncShield user and device register description


Register name: Capricode Oy SyncShield user & device register.


Name and contact details of the register controller:


Capricode Oy

Teknologiantie 18

FIN-90590 OULU


Tel. +358 40 3012 300


Controller contact person:

Tero Takalo


+358 40 722 9007

tero.takalo (at)

or fill out the contact form in our main page

Purpose of the personal data processing: The purpose of the SyncShield data processing is to collect and process device and user related information for device management purposes. SyncShield is a corporate tool used to manage company owned or BYOD smartphones and tablets of employees.


The register contains the following information:

  • Device users Name

  • Device users Company

  • Device users Email address

  • Device users Phone number

  • Devices Model

  • Devices Manufacturer

  • Devicse ID

  • Devices Accesspoints

  • Devices VPN Settings

  • Devices installed Applications

  • Devices Exchange accounts

  • Devices Functionality restrictions

  • Devices Passcode settings

  • Devices Certificates

  • Devices Passcode settings/policies


Information is collected when the device with SyncShield client SW is enrolled into a Capricode Oy SyncShield MDM service. MDM Service can also be run by a 3rd party offering MDM services or by the company owning the devices – in which case the Register controller is that party.

Any of this registered Information is not delivering, transferred to an any third country or an international organization and Information are not delivering outside of the EU or ETA.  Information about the register is protected with appropriate security practices and technical and organisation measures. Register protection principles Capricode Oy will use our own staff or outside consultants assigned with needed tasks relating to the protection of personal information.

Register data is not used for direct advertising and other marketing. User can prohibit the disclosure and processing by send request to Capricode Oy and/or the party owning/managing the device.

Capricode Privacy Policy

The Capricode Oy Privacy Policy is concerned with helping protect the security of your personal information. The Privacy Policy is concern collecting, processing, the storage of any personal information to you. Capricode Oy points out that protection of your personal information is our concern and it is protected with appropriate security practices. In addition, needed technical and organization measures are in use to ensure and to be able to demonstrate the compliance of local applicable privacy laws in Finland and European Union. The Capricode Oy Privacy Policy take care following principles relating to processing of personal data: personal data are processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner in relation to you, collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes, minimize data in fact, collect only what is necessary in relation of purpose of use, archiving purposes not store no longer than is necessary, assure integrity and confidentiality of processing, be able to demonstrate compliance with the lawfulness of processing, ensure that approval has given of user, privacy by design and by default and implement appropriate technical and organizational measures.

Applicable privacy laws In these the Privacy Policy Capricode Oy use following local applicable privacy laws in Finland and European Union. For example, General Data Protection Regulation and Personal Data Act in Finland. Accountability At Capricode Oy, in the process of collecting, processing, storage personal information we are responsible for the protection of personal information collected and processed under our control. Therefore, Capricode Oy is training its employees, partners related to the principles of the Privacy Policy to ensure to be compliant of the Privacy Policy.

In any case, when Capricode Oy uses trusted third parties or partners to act on our behalf to do processing, storage personal information. Capricode Oy ensure that all needed contractual or other appropriate technical and organization measures are taken in use to ensure compliance with the Privacy Policy. Use of personal Information When a customer purchases product, downloads software updates, patches, register to Capricode Oy extranet,submit payment, product delivery based in to needs of relevant business process Capricode Oy may collect information that may include following information name, email address, phone number, mail address, company information related to financial transactions. Reason for customer information collection are that Capricode Oy ensure to deliver the high quality of service expected by our customers. Collected customer information allows keep customers informed about software upgrades and new product launches. In addition, Capricode Oy may use this information to send important notifications regarding changes to terms, policies, and product prices as well as to develop, customize, improve, and deliver a product, services, and marketing material.
The collection and processing of personal information, such as employee's, partner’s, or client’s name, title,business address and email or telephone number are used by business processes purpose only. Purpose of processing information in business processes can be used for example, product delivery, product updates, support, sales information exchange, inform terms and policy changes, or any other means to allow the supply product or service.
Based in to needs of relevant business process Capricode Oy can collect personal information about our partners, subcontractors, and employees to pay fees and salaries, and manage organization business process, Partnership or any other business relationship. The personal information is collected to pay fees and salaries reason for complying with local laws and regulations.

Capricode Oy will collect, use or disclose personal information only with your knowledge and consent. The personal information which is collected is explained into Privacy Policy and Capricode Oy Register Description and Cookie Policy. Capricode Oy users have always had the option not to provide their consent to the information collection, or use of their personal information. If User chooses not to provide Capricode Oy with permission to collect, use of personal information in fact, user needs to inform Capricode Oy for that.

Limiting Collection and use Personal information collected by Capricode Oy is limited our purpose of the use. Purpose of the use of the personal information is related to needs of our business operations. Protect personal information and Privacy is Capricode Oy’s our top priority and we quarantine that all needed appropriate security practices and technical and organization measures are taken in use. For example, limitation used of purpose are in use to protect our partner’s, employees and customers, user’s privacy. The personal information which are collected shall only be used and/or disclosed for the purposes it was initially collected for and for reasons outlined within this Privacy Policy and Register Description and Cookie Policy.

Disclosure and Retention
In data processing actions Limiting Collection and use, Disclosure and Retention Capricode Oy are following applicable local privacy laws in Finland and applicable privacy laws on European Union. Capricode Oy retains personal information in practice which is accordance with applicable privacy laws on Finland and applicable privacy laws in European Union. Capricode Oy will destroy personal information and use needed appropriate security practices and technical and organization measures to ensure when such information is no longer reasonably required for legal, administrative, regulatory purposes will have destroyed.

Technical and organization measures
Capricode Oy be familiar with the sensitivity of your personal information and the importance to take the appropriate appropriate security practices and technical and organization measures to protect this personal information. Capricode Oy take actions to protect personal information against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, modification or destruction by appropriate security practices related to the sensitivity of the information. Capricode Oy will protect personal information by using physically secure facilities, entry controls, industry standard security tools and good practices, and clearly defined company policies and guidelines. Appropriate technical and organization measures are put in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the personal information under our control. When Personal information is stored it is protected appropriate technical and organization measures. For example, premises entry control, locked rooms and shelf. To prevent unauthorized electronic access to personal information, any information that is stored in electronic format is protected in against cyber security attaches and physical impact with needed Technical and organization measures.

Capricode Oy as a registrar is responsible for all personal information transferred to third parties, processors for information processing. Therefore, Capricode Oy requires and use needed technical and organization measures in third party processors to ensure that they respect the confidentiality of personal information and all legal requirements under applicable local privacy laws on Finland and European Union.

Openness and Transparency
Up to date Privacy Policy is available at Customers, Partners and employees have the right to review and obtain copies of their personal information on record by contacting. In any questions or concerns related to the Privacy policy, it’s any given point of security policy, the process of collecting personal information, please feel free to contact Capricode Oy representative to receive clarification about the collection and use of your personal information. Capricode Oy provide you with a reply within a reasonable time frame.

Contact information:
Capricode Oy
Teknologiantie 18
FIN-90590 OULU
Tel. +358 40 3012 300
or fill out the contact form in our main page