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Capricode’s technology partner Symbio publishes a new product: The Elysian

Symbio, a Global Digital Services company based in Finland, is demonstrating its new infotainment system “Elysian” for car manufacturers at CES 2018, in Las Vegas.

Bringing Intelligent Cars to the Mainstream

Jarkko Kemppainen, Symbio’s Chief Innovation Executive, expects all cars to be intelligent vehicles soon. This places pressure on car manufacturers to ensure that their products remain viable and reliable through the vehicles entire life-cycle. Elysian software solution provides a way for users to keep their vehicle software up-to-date using their mobile phones.

"Future vehicles will be application platforms that require upkeep to operate safely and securely."

“For the user Elysian offers time-consuming software that is compatible with future applications, even those we still cannot imagine. For car manufacturers, on the other hand, Elysian offers cost-effectiveness and risk management. If deficiency in the car is detected when mass production starts, repair costs can be enormous. Remote upgradability removes this risk from the software,”

says Kemppainen.

Although more expensive cars have often featured connection based services and software, Elysian was designed as a cost-effective solution for mass market cars. The expectation is that cars will become software and service platforms, which provides additional value for users and the manufacturer. This in mind, Elysian is compatible with some of the most common vehicle software environments:

· Apple CarPlay

· Android Auto

· Baidu CArlife

· Smart Device Link

Leveraging Finnish Technologies

Elysian is developed together using technology from QT Company (UI development tools) and Capricode (specialists on industrial Internet and Automotive Security).

This co-operative effort between these companies provides the following benefits:

· The UI and applications created with QT’s cross-platform development environment provides a coherent experience using Elysian, regardless of the end-user platform.

· Capricode’s SyncShield makes it possible to perform automated remote maintenance to vehicles throughout their entire life-cycle. Remote management allows dynamic updates and cyber security to entire fleets of cars. Advanced functionalities delivered either by Over-the-Air, or by using the owner's mobile device as a delivery system, it is possible to enable features never seen before in mass market vehicles of this price point. SyncShield, together with the Elysian software stack, enables new business possibilities and lowers total cost of ownership for car manufacturers.

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