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Capricode is the selected as a nominee for Autonomous Traffic & Logistics Innovation Award!

Updated: May 31, 2018

Our CEO, Tero Takalo and VP Business Development, Jere Erkko will attend forum and a pitching event of the Autonomous Traffic & Logistics Innovation Forum June 5th and 6th, Held in Munich.

Autonomous driving is only the beginning of an evolution of how we will move and move goods in the future. The Forum deals with autonomous traffic and logistics in several dimensions – on the Road, on Rail, at Sea, in the Air and in Space – because we assume that exchange between the actors could result in high value to each of them. Check more information into Traffic & Logistics Innovation Forum web page or what the video.

In order to make autonomous driving possible, all technical layers for connectivity and AI need to be in sync both on device level and cloud. This causes tremendous need to dynamic updating of device fleets to keep them correctly configured, integrated to business processes and most importantly cyber secured in different use cases. This is where Capricode’s SyncShield® product comes to help and that is also the reason why Munich Network has chosen Capricode as one of the nominees to Innovation Award.

Capricode SyncShield® is the most innovative solution on the market for dynamic over-the-air operations. It has full open interfaces for integrations to other internal (e.g. ERP, CRM, billing) and external services (e.g. Spotify, web stores, service companies) while keeping the actual connected device operations automatic and cyber secured.

Capricode Oy is the developer of SyncShield® cyber security technology, which offers a state of the art solutions to automate centralized management, monitoring and security for all connected cars and connected industrial devices.

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