SyncShield Features

Rich set of MDM features

You can increase your company’s productivity by having the various aspects of your enterprise mobility requirements managed efficiently and securely. The rich set of SyncShield’s MDM features with cross-platform support covering a wide range of the mobile devices will bring clear benefits for your company.


With enforcement features you can:

  • Ensure that the mobile policy is obeyed with policy violation monitoring
  • Identify which OS platform/version is in use and what applications has been installed
  • React quickly if iOS devices are jail-broken or Android devices are compromised
  • Make sure unwanted users can’t have access to the corporate servers
  • Restrict access from noncompliant devices to corporate servers
  • Monitor roaming usage
  • Separate corporate content from personal data and manage it


Security features allow you to:

  • Enforce employees to use passwords in their devices
  • Remotely lock and selectively or even totally remote wipe device
  • Encrypt data that resides inside devices
  • Have certificate-based authentication
  • Backup and restore data regardless of the platform
  • Monitor devices
  • Have third party antivirus, firewall and mobile VPN support


Application Management

With Application Management features you can:

  • Select which applications can or cannot be downloaded
  • Discover applications
  • Have a private app store for your company
  • Get updates and fixes for applications
  • Have background synchronization for e-mail like applications

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