An effortless mobile device management

Making the most of mobility is vital in order to grow business and remain competitive. Increased use of mobile devices has changed the way businesses function and as a result enterprises are now operating in more complex mobile environment. This brings new challenges related to manageability, costs and security.

Mobile Device Management

We wanted to create a solution that would help companies to overcome those mobility related challenges and that’s why we developed SyncShield: a comprehensive mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) system.

SyncShield is a secure and scalable way to manage mobile devices over the air, and companies can ensure the integrity of corporate data and applications with it. SyncShield contains a rich set of mobile device management features with cross-platform support covering a wide range of the mobile devices currently available in the market. Learn more about the features.


Great benefits with automated mobile device management

Achieve Cost Savings

We all know time is money, and particularly the time of an IT administrator. Reduce the time needed to manage mobile devices with SyncShield’s remote and silent device management features. Employees can bring their own devices to work and the data expenses can be tracked with the data counters.

Increase Productivity

Reduce the downtime of your employees as well as their need to visit IT department by remotely managing all mobile devices used in your company. With an automate policy control the IT department can lessen the time needed for device management and thus reallocate time for other productive tasks.

Accomplish improved security

As mobile devices are carrying confidential information and are at risk every day, ensuring the mobile security is one of the most important tasks of IT. With SyncShield’s security features and policy management capabilities it can be assured that employees’ devices are always complying with the company’s security policy.


An excellent solution for OEMs, Channel Partners, and Enterprises

SyncShield for OEM integrators

SyncShield is a software platform that runs mobile device management functions effortlessly and effectively. SyncShield can be easily integrated to your own systems, which will provide you shorter entry to new markets as well as significant savings in R&D. Read more.

SyncShield for Channel Partners

With SyncShield, you can expand your service portfolio with an excellent mobile device management offering. You will get the chance to enter new markets, grow revenue, improve profitability, increase customer loyalty and differentiate from the competition. Read more.

SyncShield for Enterprises

SyncShield works also well as an individual product for managing company’s mobile devices. It will be offered as a Cloud service, which is an effortless option for any enterprise that requires superior security. You will receive excellent service with professional maintenance and support. Read more.