Press release: SyncShield IoT

Capricode introduces SyncShield IoT device management in Mobile World Congress
Published Feb 18th 2016

Finnish software house Capricode Ltd has expanded its Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution SyncShield® to cover the management of IoT devices as well.

“We have acknowledged the huge growth and potential of IoT”, says Capricode CEO Jonny Kaarlenkaski, referring to the estimation that the amount of connected devices is about to rise to 50 billion by 2020. Often companies utilizing IoT are dealing with extremely large device fleet which brings unseen challenges to the management of these devices. With SyncShield companies can centrally manage and ensure security of all connected devices regardless of their operating system. The system can scale to millions of managed IoT devices, and the critical device information can be located in customer premises, and even in hosted solution will be located in Europe, enabling usage for government use such as medical and energy IoT.

Most IoT solutions offer only basic level of device management. SyncShield complements these solutions and platforms in form of automation, large device fleet management and providing views to device fleet for different stakeholders in value chain over whole device life cycle. “SyncShield is the only European cross-platform solution enabling cyber security monitoring of all IoT platforms, and support for all IoT communication technologies” Tero Takalo, VP, states proudly.

Besides the strong IPR portfolio, Capricode also owns the source code for the product. Cyber security has been a lot discussed topic in recent years, and the rise of IoT has certainly not diminished the discussion. Owning the source code has become a competitive edge especially in the most critical business areas. “Cyber security has been a key issue to us for a long time. Since our team has written the source code in our own premises, we can ascertain its quality”, assures Tero.

Capricode solution enables remote management of applications and security policies of industrial devices. It can be integrated with all security solutions such as anti-virus software. Changes in the devices and violations of security policies such as “jailbreak” bypassing device security functionality indicating device compromise can be monitored and detected. Compromised or stolen devices can be located and remotely wiped.

SyncShield® provides an efficient tool for creating a security policy with which all devices can be remotely managed from one location according to the mobile strategy defined by the customer. Fundamentally SyncShield® offers an alternative for developing a management solution from the scratch. It is available as a cloud service or installed in customer premises. Besides shortening market entry and saving development costs, a ready-made solution allows companies to focus on what they do best. “Our customers value the expertise we bring to the company from the mobility field. Few have resources to keep up with the rapid changes in the mobile industry but for us it is core business,” Jonny concludes.

Meet Capricode in Mobile World Congress 2016 in Hall 1 Stand 1E04

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Tero Takalo
VP, Business Development
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