OEM Partners

SyncShield for original equipment manufacturers

You can add value to your current system by integrating our MDM features or the entire management of mobile devices into your own software. SyncShield is a flexible software platform that can be customized to work flawlessly with other software and thus offer more value to the end customers.

Now you have the chance to complete your own solution with an enterprise-class MDM and reach new markets. Contact us to hear more about the opportunities we offer.


Incorporate MDM features in your own products and address wider markets

Mobile application and device management adds value to other services and that’s why integrating SyncShield software platform into your own solution will provide you an excellent business opportunity. We offer a revenue sharing model for our OEM partners with differentiation and win-win business strategy.

Our solution has been developed to support two-way integration. This means it’s possible to integrate any 3rd party software into SyncShield and vice versa. In other words, you can have MDM features or entire management of mobile devices integrated into your product or solution. SyncShield has a built-in API to which other machines can connect, hence M2M (machine-to-machine) term.

Multiple value adding features

By integrating SyncShield as a part of your systems you will gain great benefits, since SyncShield:

  • Secures company’s valuable data and mobile policy on employee-owned devices
  • Increases efficiency with functioning up-to-date device fleet
  • Integrates to company’s own systems and works on top of them
  • Enables easy distribution, updating and managing software, settings and applications
  • Releases R&D resources and speeds up market entry
  • Saves costs on device management efficiency


Current tools make your job easy

Our M2M approach makes your mobile device management easier and more effective with the following tools:

  • Integrated UI: SyncShield can be commanded via another system’s user interface, which makes it easier for employees to learn to use the new system. The use logic of the old system can be migrated to SyncShield and customized tasks can be created to automatically run number of different tasks in a row.
  • Imported information: With integration another system can use the information SyncShield has, for example device and application inventory. Automatic information flow aids in information processing.
  • Communication with mobile devices: SyncShield is a ready tool for communicating with mobile devices and delivering data to them. This capability can be used in many ways for new equipment and services.