Channel Partners

Channel Partner Program

We are constantly looking for mobility service providers who are eager to grow revenue and improve profitability by expanding their service portfolio with an excellent mobile device management offering. With us, your company has the chance to enter new markets, increase customer loyalty and differentiate from the competition.

If you are interested in joining forces and adding enterprise-class MDM solution to your company’s service portfolio contact us to hear more or request an offer.

Channel Partners

Tailored system to meet your requirements

We offer various ways to tailor our system into your overall service offer. Depending on your company’s own strategy and personnel, you can decide which parts of the service production are on your responsibility and which parts are offered by some other party. SyncShield can be installed on your own premises and offered with SaaS model, or the entire technology can be offered from our cloud service.

SyncShield Cloud

An easy way to secure and manage your data

We offer mobile service providers a full mobile device management experience. You may leave server maintenance and version upgrades to experts and focus on sales and management services. It’s also possible to acquire the HelpDesk service from our cloud partners, enabling full focus on your own core competences.

With the Cloud option, you can offer your customers Self-Service Portal which allows them to manage their own devices with a limited feature set. This naturally reduces the need for HelpDesk, and thus the work load of IT administrator will be reduced as well and the price of the end user support.

SyncShield In-House Installation

Provide total control over invaluable data for your customers

In case your customers have very strict security policies and they wish to maintain complete on-site control over the system and its management, you can offer SyncShield In-House installation to your customers. The server will be installed at your customers’ location and is maintained as part of their enterprise. Version upgrades, server maintenance and HelpDesk can be offered to your customers as a service.

SyncShield Server Installation

Guarantee safe data storage to your customers

If you have potential MDM customers and your personnel are capable of maintaining a server, SyncShield server installation on your own premises can be a viable solution. SyncShield server installation makes it easy for you as a trusted service provider to guarantee your customers their invaluable company data is safely stored on your premises.