From Mobile Devices to IoT

Enterprises have had hard time handling their mobile device fleets and keeping them secure. Traditionally IT departments have taken responsibility over devices that employees use for making their work.

In emergence of IoT one important issue to consider is that who will take responsibility of the IoT. In case of company using IoT as part of their process (e.g. factory) the answer is quite obvious that IT department that handles also all other devices takes responsibility over IoT as well.

But what if the IoT enables new business via digitalization that affects directly to company business unit, will it be IT department to take responsibility of development and innovating the IoT environment? In most cases answer should be no. Instead the business unit should take responsibility (or a separate innovation department in some cases) of the new research & development, which is usually described as Operational Technology organization.

In the past, Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) were seen as two distinct domains of a business. The former focused on all technologies that were necessary to manage the processing of information, whereas the latter supported the devices, sensors and software that were necessary for physical value creation and manufacturing processes. One reshaping factor on IoT market is the convergence of Information Technology and Operational Technology which is necessary in order to scale to IoT vision device amounts and to keep security at proper level.

Convergence of networks – both industrial (OT) and enterprise (IT) are enabling applications such as video surveillance, smart meters, asset/package tracking, fleet management, digital health monitors and a host of other next-generation connected services.

In case of equipment manufacturer (OEM) to make IoT enabled devices (e.g. RFID readers or mining machines) the answer to responsible department is even more obvious that business unit OT and/or innovation department must be responsible of the R&D of management environment and other tools needed for keeping device fleet updated and secure.