Frequently Asked Questions

What is SyncShield®?

SyncShield® is an easy-to-use tool that responds to IT-manager’s everyday smartphone and tablet management requirements. This can be executed silently over-the-air without any end user involvement. SyncShield enables significant cost savings through centralized management of operations and ensures comprehensive device security.

What is SyncShield®’s main advantage compared to its competitors?

The advantage of SyncShield is that the Linux based architecture gives the product a flexibility and agility. This has enabled us to heavily patent the solution with over 20 patents granted or applied for. The flexibility that this architecture gives us can be seen when expanding the solution to new platforms such as Windows Phone 8 which was developed by the team at Capricode in only 10 weeks. The flexibility also allows SyncShield to be integrated into other software solutions to complement existing features, as well as integrating third party software into SyncShield.


Is SyncShield® based on any recognized standards?

Yes. SyncShield® is based on the Open Mobile Alliance’s standard (OMA-standard).

How easy is it to deploy SyncShield onto devices?

It’s very easy. Devices can be installed using links which can also be sent to single or multiple devices via email or SMS. Devices can also be easily rolled out from ActiveDirectory or end-users can install the client from Application stores such as AppStore or Google Play.

How can SyncShield help me create an effective mobile policy?

SyncShield is a key enabler for an enterprises security policy with a whole suite of versatile security tools on offer.

How can I manage the applications that the users need?

SyncShield offers comprehensive tools for mobile application management. It is possible to distribute and configure applications or recommend applications for employees. In addition SyncShield makes it possible to distribute in-house applications by using an enterprises own application store.

Can I prevent users from installing apps that compromise the mobile policy?

Yes, SyncShield can prevent the user from installing compromising applications and force pre-defined security level to all devices. Black and White lists for applications can also be created to further manage the apps.

What happens if the device is lost or stolen?

If the device is lost or stolen SyncShield can lock or wipe it immediately, as well as take a backup of certain data which can then be transferred onto a new device. Device owner can lock and wipe the device via SyncShield’s Self-Service Portal, or SyncShield administrator can do it on demand.


Can SyncShield help me to configure all of the devices on the company network?

Yes. Settings can be delivered to the devices over-the-air without any end-user involvement. For example configure access points, e-mail settings and VPN-settings in order to enable your employees to start operating quickly.

Can SyncShield help me manage files on the devices?

Yes. Files can be deployed, executed, replaced and deleted with SyncShield.


Can SyncShield help me transition smoothly when I start using a new device?

Yes. With SyncShield it is possible to make backups of contacts, calendar and SMS messages. The backup can be restored to a new device inside the same platform, but also interchangeably between Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile devices. Extensive backup is achieved using Mail for Exchange or other client’s (e.g. Lotus) backup features jointly with SyncShield®.

Can SyncShield prevent huge data roaming costs during a business trip?

Yes. SyncShield has a roaming control setting, which can be used to prevent SyncShield from communicating while the device is roaming. It is important to notice that security related tasks such as lock device task can be forced to execute even if roaming is disabled.


Is it possible for end user to backup photos, music files and other personal documents by using SyncShield?

No. SyncShield can only be used to create backups of contacts, calendar and SMS messages. Technically it would be possible to create backups for other information, such as photos and music. However, modern devices have several gigabytes of storage space and users tend to fill that space. If we were to create a comprehensive backup of all the data on the devices, the backups would be equally large and the time of data transfer would be long and possibly very expensive. Also, as a single server can handle tens of thousands of devices, the storage space requirement on the server would be unfeasible.

What is the level of encryption and security in SyncShield and how is it accomplished?

All data stored on servers is encrypted and highly protected with the best possible encryption and protection tools.

Can the administrator see the user’s backed up personal information, like SMS messages?

No. Backups are always encrypted and no one can see the backup information in an understandable format. Only the end user will see backed up data when the backup is restored to the new device.

How many different ways SyncShield can be delivered to the customer?

SyncShield has one of the widest set of delivery methods on the market. Alongside our Cloud and in-house models, SyncShield can also be deployed through our partners as a managed or hosted service or even a hybrid of the two.


Is it possible to customize SyncShield’s user-interface theme in order to white label it to be suitable for partner’s brand?

Yes, it is possible to do white labelling. We can negotiate bilateral, detailed contract for planning and executing additional customizing work.


Is it possible to integrate SyncShield with 3rd party software solutions?

Yes. SyncShield can be easily integrated into any system. It supports web services, M2M and can be easily incorporated into any system you might have. For example SyncShield’s own user interface can be replaced with the 3rd party user interface. Integration with SyncShield is an easy and fast project and time that successful integration needs might be only three weeks.


Is there a consumer portal included in SyncShield?

SyncShield has traditionally been enterprise software. However we do offer Self-Service Portal, which can be used by the device owners. If you would like to know more about this, please contact us.