IoT and challenges with automation

As a phenomenon IoT means “everything will be connected” especially in industry environments so there will be tremendous need for Internet of Things management. On the other hand scaling into that kind of multi-device, multi-platform and multi-form factor environments cannot happen if there is not intelligent learning, strong automation and other methods used for making Continue reading →

Cyber Security & IoT

In case of cyber security the main question is: who is responsible of the security? Is it going to be company IT department, end user, device manufacturer or some public organization? Or is it possible that responsibility can be “outsourced” to 3rd parties? Responsibility question is not limited only to organizations but should be considered Continue reading →

From Mobile Devices to IoT

Enterprises have had hard time handling their mobile device fleets and keeping them secure. Traditionally IT departments have taken responsibility over devices that employees use for making their work. In emergence of IoT one important issue to consider is that who will take responsibility of the IoT. In case of company using IoT as part Continue reading →

IoT Cyber Security threats

Published Feb 20th 2016 The hot and sexy topic of Cyber Security is apparently one of the most important questions restricting Internet of Things (IoT) growth. If security is not taken seriously in development of these billions and billions of small embedded devices connected to the Internet, it would definitely hinder adaptation of IoT to Continue reading →

Leap into the unknown

2016 entails many new exciting things for Capricode. Not only are we digging deeper into the world of IoT, but also we are taking part in some very interesting projects. One of them is a short movie The Great Escape that will be filmed partly in Oulu in February. This kind of marketing project is Continue reading →

IoT vs. Mobile Device Management

Published 1st February 2016. Device Management has traditionally been associated with mobile devices. However, as Internet of Things has hit big in the market, the interest towards managing all kinds of smart devices (or things, if you will) has become apparent. A transition towards IoT Device Management may raise the question of how does Mobile and Continue reading →

Should IoT Device Management be automated?

Published 18th January 2016. The Internet of Things phenomenon is on almost everyone’s lips at the IT industry right now. There are discussions about the characteristics of IoT, industries that will be influenced most by IoT, and the complexity and the diversity of IoT working environment. Commercial IoT platforms, such as Bluemix, Cumulocity and ARM Continue reading →