Mr. Jonny Kaarlenkaski, Chairman of the Board

Jonny Kaarlenkaski is the Co-Founder and the Chairman of the Board. He has strong, over 20 years of experience in the mobile telecommunications industry. Jonny has proven to be a successful serial entrepreneur as prior to Capricode he established and served as a CEO for KaskiTech Oy (1993-2000), which merged with NetHawk Oyj in 2000. Jonny was a member of the board of Nethawk when the merge with Exfo was negotiated and executed in 2010.

Jonny holds degrees in Process Engineering (B.Sc.) From Technology Institute of Kokkola and in Business Administration (eMBA) from University of Oulu.

Mr. Jouni Karvo

For more than 30 years Jouni’s discipline has been in advising mainly small and medium companies in strategic issues such as business development, financing and M&A. He has been involved in with more than 150 consulting and advisory engagements with companies of various sizes and development phases.

During the years he has held various responsible positions of Chairman of the Board, Senior Vice President and CPO, Director and Partner, Senior Consultant and Senior Advisor. Jouni holds degree in Business Administration (M.Sc. Econ.) from University of Vaasa.

Mr. Ari Takanen

Ari Takanen has strong professional background on academic software security testing research, where he has been active nearly 20 years. He is a distinctive member of the global security testing community and spreads his knowledge by speaking regularly at various testing and security conferences.

Ari has been board member of various organizations, such as Radai, Cyberlad and FISC (Finnish Security Cluster). Currently he serves as a Chief Research Officer for Codenomicon.

Mr. Esa Leimi

Esa Leimi has an entrepreneurial background with over 20 years of experience in business management. He is a founder and Chairman of the Board of Duotel Invest Ltd, which concentrates on investment activities, financing and stock business. He also has been a founder, CEO and board member of various companies.

Mr. Jani Korhonen

Jani Korhonen provides Capricode a strong expertise in managing various IT-company tasks from running R&D projects to strategic long term planning. He is also entrepreneurial spirited and he is a CEO and Co-Founder of Opal Blue Ltd.

Jani has been a board member for various companies and he has also held a position as Chairman of the Board during his career. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering (M.Sc.) from University of Oulu and he has M.Sc. in Marketing and Ph.D. in Information Processing degrees in progress.