About Us

We make sure managing devices is simple, easy and secure

We are Capricode, a privately owned software developer based in Oulu, Finland. Our passion is to help companies to manage and secure their invaluable corporate data.

For us, meeting our customers’ expectations is a matter of the heart, and therefore we base our product development upon a customer demand. We have built a superior team which advanced technological expertise, innovative mindset and hardworking attitude ensure that we can offer a smartphone and tablet management solution that fulfills our customers’ requirements.

We are strongly committed to fulfill our customers’ needs and therefore our first priority is to provide a solution that helps our partners and customers to succeed in the ever changing business environment. We make sure that security doesn’t need to be compromised for the sake of mobility.


Our Values

The principles of honesty, teamwork and entrepreneurial spirit have been our core values since the beginning and they still remain the reasons behind our success.


For us, honesty is a self-evident truth. We don’t make empty promises either to one another or to our customers.


We firmly believe that a strong team is the greatest asset a company can have. Naturally, we have a great faith in our team.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are passionate about what we do and we are constantly striving to improve ourselves. We aren’t afraid of challenges and we work hard to reach our goals.